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Nov 4, 2020
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Market Pages have the following features...

  • Custom URLs
  • Page owner can edit forever
  • Page owner can delete other members post on their market.
  • Page will act as a lander and we will have an automated template to fill in your domains.
  • You can link any domain to a for sale topic in the NamePost marketplace.

More soon... this is very early beta
Notice the new market page active in my signature

You can edit any and all posts, including deleting other members posts that have been posted to your page.

(You cannot edit other members posts, you can only delete them from your market page)
Just secured the SSL for the member market pages.
Each page will have full SSL.

Remember the features will grow until the Market Pages are a fully functioning website for each member.

Secure your name today by posting in topic here.
How do we get a market page, claim a user name, etc? is it ready now?

Here is the procedure...

1. You need a user name, ideally would be your user name here or you can pick another.

2. Make a topic in the Market Page section with the user name as the title.

3. Make the user page look any way you want.

4. When done place a post there tagging me with @MapleDots and I will get your custom address for you.

The custom address will be

It will automatically link all your market listings to your page, jut look at my page to see an example.

Anyone wanting a User Name change can also request that if you want your Market Page and User Name to match and this would be the ideal time to make the name change request.

I can walk you through it here and then everyone else can see how it works.

Respond below with questions.
I started a page and listed a few domains on there to kick it off.

But you're saying if I create a market listing, it will automatically link here once set up?
You can edit the Market Page forever.

Very soon I will be adding a feature where you can delete other members posts on your market page as well.

So if you ever want to clean up your marketpage you can simply delete comments from other members on your market page.

It truly will be like your own landing page... look at it like this...

Forward any one of your domains to your lander at and use it as your index page.

From there on showcase or highlight any domain you want and link it right to the for sale topic.

Also tell you client they can see all your listings by clicking the button at the top.

You basically have a lander, and index, many for sale pages, and a one click listing all in one.

If you are reserving go to the Market Pages section and make your page, then post here for your desired username and I will get you a user address. You can also tag me in your market page because you can edit it indefinitely.
I’m going to set up my market like you did with pics. Just have to find where I put them. is now active

Customize as you wish

Remember in the near future you will be able to delete ANYONE's post on your market page. So if a members says Nice Page, how much, yada yada. When that no longer applies you will be able to delete their post from your market page.
Note you can delete ANY post on your Market Page that includes your own posts, other members posts, staff posts etc.
When you delete another members post you can state a reason such as; Cleaning up my market page, or you can just delete the post.


Today I added the above feature to the Market Pages

So basically you are full owner of your Market Page.

Screenshot (92).png

When you delete another members post from your page you can notify him why or you can just delete it.
Screenshot - 2022-08-04T135430.275.png

Today I changed the Prefix from Marketpage to: / Marketplace /

So with the Member name it looks like this / Market / MapleDots

So now the title of your market page matched your custom market page URL.

PS. I also switched the prefix colour from green to blue which is our board colour.
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