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Nov 4, 2020
Toronto, ON
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Get your FREE Member Market Page here​

Discuss below

See all marketpages here: Market Pages
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Beta # 1.0

Member Market Pages will have the following URL structure...

Mine is - type it into the address bar to see it in action.

It is important to reserve your username early before the best ones are gone.

Post here to reserve..
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Market Pages have the following features...

  • Custom URLs
  • Page owner can edit forever
  • Click the report button to remove any unwanted posts.
  • Page will act as a lander and we will have an automated template to fill in your domains.
  • You can link any domain to a for sale topic in the NamePost marketplace.

More soon... this is very early beta
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How do we get a market page, claim a user name, etc? is it ready now?

Here is the procedure...

1. You need a user name, ideally would be your user name here or you can pick another.

2. Make a topic in the Market Page section with the user name as the title.

3. Make the user page look any way you want.

4. When done click on the REPORT link and ask for a Market Page.

The custom address will be

It will automatically link all your market listings to your page, jut look at my page to see an example.

Anyone wanting a User Name change can also request that if you want your Market Page and User Name to match and this would be the ideal time to make the name change request.

I can walk you through it here and then everyone else can see how it works.

Respond below with questions.
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I started a page and listed a few domains on there to kick it off.

But you're saying if I create a market listing, it will automatically link here once set up?
I have updated my market page to show a lot of my domains.

Punch any of my domains into the URL bar and you will see they forward to here

Using my marketplace address as my official landing page: you can add: /? to the end of the address when you forward and it will stay in the address bar like this:

See it working here:

Feel free to discuss below
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And the hits just keep on coming !… (y)

How to properly forward a domain to your market page​ (market page domain)

/market (market place)

/mapledots (will reflect your user name)

/?forsale (you need the question mark and but you could sub any word like domain) (you need the = sign plus the domain you are selling)

So putting it all together, when someone types it forwards to

It clearly shows the visitor the domain is for sale

Commission fee = ZERO, LIsting cost = ZERO
Screenshot (17) (1).png

To get your Listings address please click the above link in anyone of your listings.​

PLEASE NOTE: The system assigns a new address for every listing and then links them all together so the listings link is different on every listing. No worries though because it displays all the domains. What it basically means is that whatever link you publish has to stay open/active. In my case I used the address from my Market Page because I know I will keep running all the time.​

I strongly suggest everyone do the same and publish the link from their market page to assure the published link always stays active. However you can use any of your links as long as it's from a permanent listing so that your address does not become inactive.​

The "View All Market Listings by" has been moved down to over this reply box.

When you are done with any market listing you can move it to the bottom of your LISTINGS by adding a carrot symbol ~ before the title and it moves it down.

We will monitor the ~ symbols and remove any topics not wanted.

So if you want the topic to be kept just add ~ Title and it will move it to the bottom. Use ~ Delete and we will delete it when we see it.

Screenshot (74).png

You can also copy and paste this table to publish it on your MarketPage like this: mapledots
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