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Today I matched all the names for your marketplace​

Screenshot 2022-08-05 10.11.20 AM.png

Browser Tab now shows: / Market / Username​

Screenshot 2022-08-05 10.12.31 AM.png

URL bar now shows: / Market / Username​

It will substitute your MapleDots with your username

Screenshot 2022-08-05 10.12.47 AM.png

Forum view and topic view now shows your Market User Name as well​

Screenshot (93).png

Remember that rarely if ever deletes Member posts but the Market Pages are an exception.

If you get a deleted post notification from the Market Pages that means a member is cleaning up the outdated or no longer relevant posts from their Market Page. This is quite normal very similar to how anyone would clean up their business website comments that are no longer applicable.

The member has the option to notify you of the deletion or not.

So remember the deletion does not mean you did anything wrong, it just means the owner of the Market Page want a nice clean lander after the comments are addressed.
I have updated my market page to show a lot of my domains.

Punch any of my domains into the URL bar and you will see they forward to here

Using my marketplace address as my official landing page: you can add: /? to the end of the address when you forward and it will stay in the address bar like this:

See it working here:

Feel free to discuss below
One annoyance is that if I try to reply to a user's comment on my marketplace post, it says I can't "bump" my topic for 24 hours and rejects my reply. While I understand the point of the rule, it seems that it shouldn't apply when someone is repling to a comment as it stops a conversation from happening.
I turned off the bump limit and am going to invoke the honour system.

Respond any time and bump any time if you have something to say but if you're only going to say up or bump please do do every 24 hours.

Lets see how that works, if not I can always set other parameters based on post count.

PS. MarketPages have no limits of any kind and you can delete anyone's post or post as often as you like on your market page.
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Screenshot - 2022-12-23T081840.889.png

ON your Market Page you had the ability to delete other members posts forever and the ability to edit your own posts forever.

I was made aware that there was no ability to delete your OWN posts on the Market Pages so I added that today.

See the picture above.

Please note you cannot delete the first post because that is your market page, you can only edit that one but now basically any content under the first post can be deleted by the Market Page owner.

Sorry about that oversight

Thank you @hob for bringing that to my attention.
I have not deleted your posts since you can now do it yourself.
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I am currently working on FORMS for the market pages.

It will basically work exactly like the system.

You can add a form to your marketpages and individual listings and a guest or another member can fill in the fields and it will send it directly to you as a private message.

So basically that gives us in a box on our forum whereas you can have a no commission scenario, list all your domains, and have complete control over your inquiries and sales.

Like I said....

Market Pages on will transform into the first ALL CANADIAN market place, totally free to use and commission free as well.
And the hits just keep on coming !… (y)
Also considering sub domains...

Currently looking at the logistics of this but that comes after I implement forms.

Also still in the works is a master searchable .ca list of domains for sale.
The hold up on that one is how to give edit access to each member but only to their own domains on the list.
I think I might have the solution but again it's for after I have forms up and running.

2023 is going to be an interesting year for the forum and there are so many changes planned that I can confidently say we will be the absolute leader in forum/market place pages.

How to properly forward a domain to your market page​ (market page domain)

/market (market place)

/mapledots (will reflect your user name)

/?forsale (you need the question mark and but you could sub any word like domain) (you need the = sign plus the domain you are selling)

So putting it all together, when someone types it forwards to

It clearly shows the visitor the domain is for sale

Commission fee = ZERO, LIsting cost = ZERO

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