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Brett does not work at Rebel anymore. I'll see if I can get you a new contact.
I've passed it on to someone there.
Knowing that the sponsors are helping you to fund the costs involved with the forum I would have no issue with whatever exposure you allow them Frank. As a relatively small community compared to .com for instance I am really appreciative of the support they extend.
Please Note:

The free sponsor banners at the top

Screenshot - 2023-05-11T095040.588.png

There are 3 sections:

Domain Name Forum: We list sponsors offering Domain Name Registrations

Domain Services: We list Sponsors offering Web Hosting

TBR Domains: We list Sponsors offering TBR Services

All sponsors get the Main Page Index listing but the individual forum listings are only available to sponsors offering the service.

So since FullHost does not offer TBR services they are not in the TBR banner but they are in the Registrar and Web Host banner.

This way when someone visits the TBR section they know every sponsor listed in the TBR banner actually offers that service.

We encourage members to support the sponsors that have contributed to our site expenses. Without them we would not be able to maintain our cloud servers thus offering free services to all our members. Please show them support by visiting their websites and using their services.
Screenshot (56).png

Box Ads are now being offered at $300 monthly or $250 monthly if you sign up for 1 year.

You can self host the image and change it as many times as you want or we can host the image and you can change it monthly.

Self hosting the image allows you to see how many page impressions you get per month by tracking the image loads.

At this point we have openings for 5 box ads and payment is vie e-transfer for Canadians ore wise.com for USA and other.
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The Box Ads are now coming along nicely and we have room for one more.

it.com is coming aboard July 1st but I told them its on a first come basis so there is an opportunity for someone else before July 1st.

Am pursuing a couple of others at the moment but so far I have no other commitments.

@richard.schreier - thank you for bringing CIRA on board, please thank Kira for sending me the artwork.
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The following spots are opening for sponsors...

Screenshot (54).png

Top right box ad, will be visible on most every page and on mobile

Screenshot (55).png

Bottom in footer (with yellow link) will be visible on every page and mobile.
This position is open to a company that will sponsor additional resources etc.

Screenshot (56).png

A TBR sponsor that will show up at the top of every TBR page.

We have the same for a Webhost in the Domain Services Forum.

We have the same for a registrar in the Domain Names Forum

Please email admin(at)dn.ca if you are interested in any slot




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