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Nov 4, 2020
Waterloo, ON
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Valuations are from GoDaddy

$500 E-Transfer for the set

Will try to sell as a set before I break them up

Notice expiry is Jan3rd and all domains are at GoDaddy

What would you pay if you wanted one on TBR?

Discussions in topic are OK
Yup, that is the nice part about 4-5 letter domains you can always cruzn the internet and find application somewhere.
So I did a bit of digging...


Notice the absolutely gorgeous hotmail email address :|


Now notice much better domains than his available on the cheap. %)

They probably have no sense for the value of a good domain name.
I guess I could try but right now I will leave the set intact in case anyone wants them.
Official view from GoDaddy


Click on pick for larger view

Note: BLOUD gets the most traffic but has the lowest appraisal. I am not sure why the domain gets the hits but I think it may have something to do with the similarity to CLOUD.

You were asking about the appraisals right in the GoDaddy control panel

Click the image for a larger view.

I posted this for you.

You can add columns as needed

Thanks [notify]MapleDots[/notify].

I'm already all over it lol.

I knew about adding/customizing columns but I didn't know "estimated value" was an option. Must be fairly new?
It never displayed for me until I went to godaddy.com and selected UNITED STATES ENGLISH


Then I went back to control panel and it displayed but every few days it would reset back to Canada.

The last few weeks it displays regardless of what country I have selected so they must have made a change and let us Canucks have it without pretending we are Americans :D
OK, I renewed most of these so the sale is over.

Had two offers on lumbr low balls through go daddy so I decided to to renew the domains just in case.

I am going to make a nice logo for cruzn and see what happens.
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