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Nov 18, 2020
Nelson, BC
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So what is your outlook for .ca and .com domains in 2021?

Seems over the past few months there have been some great weekly domain sales, and other big sales revealed over the past year. And maybe more awareness that a domain is a unique digital asset and the importance that can have.

I think if the economy can slowly improve through the year and things reopen, and tech and crypto can stay strong, it could be another good year for the domain market.

However if stocks markets pull back for a sustained time and reopening doesn't go as smooth, it could put a damper on things.

Either way though I have the feeling that more and more is going online, a wave of tech start ups and crypto projects, so maybe domains do well regardless.
If the TBR is any indications then demand for .ca is definitely rising.
The problem is there are so many good two word combinations available to register that the bigger paydays are reserved for the lucky few that have a domain name wanted by a big company.
This week's DNJournal sales report was impressive. Good overall impression that the domain market is strong. Rising tide lifts all boats and so on.

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