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Dec 19, 2020
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Andrew Rosener, a well-known domainer (and broker) at MediaOptions.com, sold MetaVerse.io for 175K USD. The news just came out yesterday.

Namebio shows metaverse.io was last acquired for 2,232 USD in October 2020 at Park.io, so this is an epic flip to say the least.

It's not only the largest reported .io domain sale to date (by far), but it's also the the first 6-figure .io sale. The biggest reported sale prior to this was trade.io at 88K, and that sale occurred just last month on Feb 15th, 2021.

The sale was announced around 22:50 in the latest DomainSherpa show, where Rosener shares all the details and circumstances leading to the sale:


I don't own a single .io but I think this is another sign that domain sales will boom this year, and I dare bet we haven't even seen the tip of the iceberg yet.
Three of the top ten .io sales occurred in 2021 even though we're just ~2 months into the year, and 6/10 sold since the pandemic started:

So what am I missing? Why would anyone pay this amount for metaverse?
Esdiel said:
Video Link: The Metaverse: How it will end the Internet

Despite the hype, I think there's some truth to this. At first, I had to stop in the first few seconds of the videos when the YouTuber said "Imagine if you go back to 1995, the beginning of the Internet".... Because someone who talks about the future, should get their history straight first (the Internet is much older). I did watch the rest eventually and learned some things I didn't know about yet... I also see why Roblox is going public in this context and trying to improve its graphics quality. And Unity went public too, etc, even though the video is dated in Dec 2020 and they say there are planning to go public - they were already public at that point. Maybe the video is a repost.

All of that being said, I also think the Metaverse is not the fast Internet killer he's making it out to be, it will most likely be slower process and not all of the applications make sense to me.

MarkMonitor already holds MetaVersa.com for one of their corporate clients, but it is not resolving.
Been wondering if it is a little late to get into the .io marketspace.

I find in .co and .io you either own super premium or get low to nothing.

That said, I would not have put MetaVerse.io into any premium category.
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