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Say it out loud, is it just me or does it sound weird.
The name itself is definitely easy to say but the question remains as to why???? Who willl remember this? I’m in my 40’s and I have a hard enough time remembering my own name!
This is horrible (IMHO) for both recall and pronunciation. At least for english speakers, it's pretty unnatural. While there are some english words that have more than one V in two separate syllables, it is rare. Involve is the only one I can think of that is a common word. Vulva, convivial, verve, bilvalve, evolve, convolve, inv etc. Not exactly words you speak very often. And there's not a single word in the english dictionary that I can find that matches "V{vowel}NV" like this one does.

Furthermore, ADV-INVESTING is how this would be broken down into components based on meaning, presumably with ADV short for advanced? But you can't really pronounce ADV on its own, and that's where this is really horrible.

If you're going to pronounce it, I guess it might be best broken down as AD-VIN-VESTING?? But that doen't correlate with the meaning, thus ruining it again.

This is a horrible name.
PS. I also got roasted a bit when someone boasted about the domain

I responded and said... You know panda's in real life are pretty dumb right?

Before I mentioned posted it I thought to myself, how could mind and panda be used, it brought me to a dead end no matter how I tried to justify it.

There are some combinations that don't make sense no matter how you try and justify them.
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