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Jul 3, 2021
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This is the highlight: 0% commission on LTO 37 month term.

Service Fee and Discounts

Afternic’s Lease to Own provides buyers with the ability to pay for domain names long-term, but as with similar payment plan models, buyers will pay an escalating purchasing price for longer Lease to Own deals, also known as a service fee.

For sales between 2-12 months, no service fee is added. Between 13 and 24 months, there’s a 10% service fee, while 25-36 months is a 20% service fee. For longer term deals between 37 and 60 months, buyers will be charged a 30% service fee.

This service fee will cover payment processing fees, renewal fees, buyer DNS support, and more over the term of the deal.

Sellers will benefit from commission discounts for longer term deals. A seller will get a 5% commission discount for deals between 13 and 24 months, a 10% discount for deals between 25 and 36 months, and a 15% discount for deals between 37 and 60 months.

For example, a seller that lists their domain name for sale using one of Afternic’s approved nameservers eligible for a 15% commission rate, sells a domain name via Lease to Own for $30,000 with the buyer selecting a 37-month term. In this instance, the seller would receive a 15% commission discount, which would result in a 0% commission rate.
Afternic is Launching Lease to Own - 4 Things Sellers Can Do Today - Afternic Blog

Just to clarify this, it's "For deals greater than 36 months, the effective commission from your asking price will be 0% assuming you use a GoDaddy/Dan nameserver."

E.g, if you're using those reduced commission nameservers (e.g ns1.afternic/ns2.afternic) then your commission rate is that standard 15%. On a 37-60 month deal the plan is to offer a 15% commission discount to sellers. So effectively that's zero commission.
Oops.. sorry. Didn't realize that the news was already out.
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I also wanted to respond to this quote by Theo from Domain Gang.

The reason it is moving so fast assimilating is they have a large part of their team.

I'm not sure if the same was with Uniregistry where things took a long time to change.

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