Anguilla fears the .ai junk drop (1 Viewing)

Jul 1, 2022
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A junk drop is an anxiety-inducing prospect for any domain registry, but what if the registry is a national government and domain revenues are suddenly a huge portion of the money it has to spend on public services?

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Investors are notoriously fickle, it's not IF the big drop comes, it's WHEN.

Give it a couple of years with no inquiries and investors will drop .ai in droves as the renewals set in. Only the top most premium domains will stay registered, the speculative one will fall to the way side.
I think there are bound to be massive drops in .ai at some point, simply because so many of the names I see listed are so weak.

But I think the extension has achieved enough real world use that it is now in the list of TLDs that startup founders consider. I recently looked at the names and domain names used by Y Combinator 2023S group. .AI clearly emerged after .com as the next preferred choice.


I followed the 'debate' between Rosener and Booth with interest. They both made good points. There is no doubt AI the technology, not the .ai TLD, will be the technological change of our generation and we are still in early stages of implementation. I do agree with Rosener view that almost every business will employ AI and it will be redundant to think you need it in your name, in either the SLD or TLD, for most companies.

I worry that the registry operation appears to be mainly a single person, and I think the challenge of .ai will be can they professionally run a large registry.

Re premium pricing, maybe we will see it like .co, but since all pricing is so substantial in .ai,, I suspect they will be happy with that route, with regular increases. If new extensions had followed this model there would be a lot less confusion.


PS It is sometimes overlooked that there was a significant aftermarket in .ai for some time. Three, four and five years ago there was a volume of more than $1 million per year, using NameBio data so a fraction of entire market. True that increased manyfold in 2023, but .ai has been one of the stronger country codes for some time.
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Google Assistant is going away being replaced by BARD

Soon Ai will be part of everything and one will no longer have to say Ai. When everything you touch is Ai do you really have to say it anymore?

My Automotive website .ai ?

No, it will just be My Automotive website, Nobody says my Automotive Website .hosting. It's assumed you are hosting the website, Ai will be the tool that drives the website. EVERYONE will use it so why does it have to be mentioned moving forward. Nobody says call me at 123-4567 .number they simply give you the number. The number is programmed into your phone and you never see it again. Same with Ai, it will be programmed into the largest features on the planet. You won't say Hey Google Ai, the term will become totally redundant.

All that said, there is a gold rush right now but the trick is to not be holding any of the Bored Apes (get it?) when the rush ends. Remember I said this again an again with the Bored Apes and NFT's. I did not register any NFT domains, nor buy any except one and I still have it. Lesson learned..... Oh yeah.... I remember back in my namepoos days saying the same thing when everyone was registering Again I bought one nice one and still own it to this day.

There will be only two class of domainers when it comes to .ai

The ones that got in early and made money & the poor suckers that are left holding the worthless apes.
Soon Ai will be part of everything and one will no longer have to say Ai. When everything you touch is Ai do you really have to say it anymore?
I agree. That is the point Drew Rosener has been hammering on Domain Sherpa and X as well (well between having an amazing trip to southeast Asia).

We have not yet seen any pullback in .ai, but it has to come, since as you say, it is redundant when every company uses ai tools to think you need it in your name.


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