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Dec 19, 2020
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Are we pricing our domain names wrong?

$3,000, $2,999, $2,888.

You might see these prices on inventory-quality domain names in the domain aftermarket. Some people round their pricing to the nearest thousand. Others drop a dollar to make it look less expensive. And BuyDomains popularized pricing ending in 88.

But it’s possible that increasing prices a bit might make domains look less expensive.

That’s according to research published in The Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services.

For their paper, Are 1-endings the new 9-endings? An alternative for generating price discount perceptions, researchers examined the use of 9-endings in pricing and compared them to repeating lower digits. Five experiments demonstrated that consumers are likely to perceive multi-digit prices with 1-endings (e.g., $2111) as being more on a discount than prices with 9-endings (e.g., $1999). They’re also more likely to click on ads with the repeating low digit prices.

In other words, you might have better luck selling a domain priced at $3,111 than $2,999.

Thomas McKinlay explained the ramifications in his newsletter.

The research covers items priced at four figures or more, which is the sweet spot for domains. It did not compare $x,111 to round number pricing like the $3,000 example above, but it strongly suggests that pricing domains with low repeating digits in the last three spots could make them look less expensive than charging a lesser amount ending in 999.

I’m going to try this pricing approach, and it would be interesting for people with larger portfolios to try it and share their results.

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Interesting outlook. Thanks for sharing.
Interesting, I'm willing to try out some pricing like that.

Usually though the issue is the buyer wants to pay $50 and you're asking $2000 or more.

You'd think a real buyer with a realistic budget wouldn't worry too much about the last three digits in a price, but who knows.

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