$18k sale announced on Efty (not mine!) (1 Viewing)

It was ZDomainName and he announced it earlier on his Twitter.

Hello to all. To be honest, I did not look for such opportunities for myself, but I know for sure that in Canada you can find such a gaming establishment. Here, for example, I really like Leo Vegas casino - everything is here in order to have fun, recklessly and, most importantly, profitably spend time. You can’t play for cryptocurrency here, although such a function may appear soon. So, on my own behalf, I can advise you this particular casino, but if you are looking for a cryptocurrency, ask around on the forum for more - I think you will definitely find it.
Rewaq said:
To be honest

To be really honest your post is considered spam and the only reason I left it up is because it's probably the best spam I have ever seen on a forum.

- It's on topic
- Features a Canadian .ca
- The link is on topic
- You are using a Ukrainian IP address to register to play on the emotions of the admin in charge.
- You are obviously not Ukrainian

All in all still spam for a first post but phenomenally good spam, in fact the best I've ever seen here.

So for those reasons I let it stand as your first post.

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