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Jul 20, 2023
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Interesting case I didn't experience before. I purchased a .CA domain name (registered with WHC) on, but once I negotiated and paid for it, it turns out a domain cannot be pushed until a month and a half from now. I've already reached out to WHC to see if there is a way to move it to under my account (without changing the allowable transfer out date), but I found the whole case interesting. The transfer agent at of course offered to either redirect the domain to another website or add DNS settings in the meantime, but still, you pay for something, but can't quite have it. A bit sucky.
Did they give a reason why the domain can't be pushed?

I asked right now if a domain under 60 day transfer lock can be pusehed and they said yes.
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usually it can be pushed within the same registrar if you have an account there.

must have been a recent acquisition by the seller.
It was a freshly registered domain. I literally made someone very happy to sell a domain the same week it was registered. But I really liked the name that I came up with through my research and had to have it. I just wish I came up with it a few days earlier. 😅

I am pretty certain WHC will be able to accommodate and move it between accounts. I just need to persuade that it'd be okay on their end as well.
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should work out ok in the end, I don't mind some of these early transfer hassles because at worst it costs you a little time, and at best it's a layer of protection from domain thieves.
Dan probably doesn't want to get caught up in a scam where someone "buys" a domain, sells it on the push, then it's taken back by the registrar for the original payment being fraudulent. It might not apply in this case, but blanket policies apply to every transaction, big or small.

This type of "buy with a stolen CC and sell it on the push, then run!" scam happens all the time with expired domains and it's a helluva lot safer for everyone to hold the money until it can be legally and officially transferred away from the original registrar.
WHC should be able to do the account push - if you encounter any problems from our end, please let me know.
WHC should be able to do the account push - if you encounter any problems from our end, please let me know.
Lovely! Thank you. 👋

@DomainRecap Exactly my thoughts regarding Dan. If they resist a transaction, it'll be out of my hands.
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GoDaddy apparently has internal policies they apply above and beyond whatever the registry imposes. So if you get pushed a domain in a purchase, you cannot re-push it for 60 days, nor will they give you the auth code, I think they even refuse to unlock the domain so even if you got the auth code from CIRA you can't transfer it. I presume this is their only line of defense against hijacked domains - mandating a 60 day hold to see if any complaints pop up in that time frame. While I understand that logic, it bugs the crap out of me at times when I know CIRA says I should be able to do certain things but GoDaddy refuses...
GoDaddy is just protecting their bottom line, as they deal in some very expensive expired domains.

Every day of the week, some nimrods win high-priced expired auctions and pay with stolen or fraudulent credit cards, then try to "resell them on the push" to a unsuspecting buyer. What happens then is that the new owner loses the domain when the chargeback hits 45 days later and GoDaddy claws back the domain due to non-payment.

This has happened a lot and I recommend NOT buying on the push unless you know the person, closely.

I think GD has gotten tired of dealing irate GD customers losing both the domains and their purchase price due to domain thieves, so they don't allow this "push to scam" practice anymore. I believe Snapnames/Namejet has also stopped allowing pushes at under 60 days due to the same problem.
The situation for me ended positively. The seller asked WHC to push the domain to under my account. They did and I informed Dan of such so they can release the payment to the seller. Of course this transaction assumes everyone in the chain is playing fairly and honestly.

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