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Nov 18, 2020
Nelson, BC
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So what is the general thought on the .ca value to the .com value? I have seen general comments over the years as 10% to 20%.

I think in some cases it could be <10%, for example if an international company that operates very little or not at all in Canada were to buy a .com for xxx,xxx the .ca wouldn't mean very much to them.

Likewise it could be more than 20% if the company has significant business in Canada or is known as a Canadian company.

Anyone like to add their thoughts on this topic?
Take the example of a Canadian based retail company with significant presence in Canada and the US, they buy the .com of their company name or an important service/product they sell in both countries for $200,000. What 'could' the exact match domain in .ca be worth to that company?
I am currently working with a US company

I quoted $240k for the .com & 25k for the .ca

It is an exact match to the company name so the odds are in my favour.

General rule for me is I would like to get 10% to the .com value but there are exceptions where I would ask for more.

Here is when...

- Is it an exact match
- Is the .com used by someone else
- Are the other extensions registered
- Can the domain be used in commerce for multiple uses.
- Is the company asking to purchase an LLC company.

For the 5 reasons above I can increase over the 10% value example.

In closing... the 10% is a guide, a good domainer will look at all aspects of the sale and determine end value based on who he is doing business with. That is why I never sell to brokers or quote blindly without knowing the end user.

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