.COM Call.com Sold For $1.6m by Sedo (1 Viewing)


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Jul 3, 2021
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Looks like it would have been a better investment in the stock market….
Could easily see it selling for more, but $1.6 million US isn't too shabby.

someone like Schwartz who doesn't need the money could easily hold out for more, to most others a sale of that amount can be life changing.
1.6M is life changing if you hand registered. Not if you paid 1.1M. Every other investment has done better than that if you take it from the purchase price in 2009. Crypto, stock market, housing market….pretty much anything.

To break it down it’s 45% over 13 years. 3.5% a year. Brutal if you ask me.
yes the price paid is important background info to have. in this case the return wasn't great, but some domain buys never get any return, or sell for less than paid, so it could be worse.

- maybe with this sale, the seller now has funds to put towards a better investment to make up those returns, or the revenue relieves some stress if business isn't doing well. who knows, but it can't hurt to have $1.6 million available right now, instead of locked up in a domain name.
Also, I think compared to other premium one word .com sales recently, the $1.6 million seems kind of low. I think it's easy to see this domain selling for a lot more than that, which was probably the seller's gamble when they bought it. If I'd seen it sold for several millions I wouldn't have been surprised. When I think of "call", I think of phone call, which is a pretty saturated market - seems communication is going more to social media, zooming, and texting, so maybe "call" isn't as important a word in business as it used to be. I could be wrong, let's see what gets built on it, there's already an intriguing landing page...

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