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Nov 4, 2020
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[h] is looking for blog authors...[/h]

Our blog link is at the top left of the board and located at:

We are currently looking for writers to post original content or content taken from our board.

1. You can write a brand new blog entry and then link it to the forum by creating a topic there to discuss.

2. You can take a current topic of interest from the forum, make a new blog entry and link it back to the board.

I have posted a couple of rough drafts so you get the idea. I am looking for individuals that have a passion for writing and would be interested in creating the occasional entry.
Blog authors will get a special AUTHOR designation on the forum and will be given access to the blogging software which is located at blogger.
From here on forward whenever I see a well laid out in depth post I may feature it on the blog.

The blog is running on google blogger and it trends very high on google therefore driving additional traffic to

See the blog in action at:

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