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Thanks for sharing by the way. I’ve been playing this game for weeks already. Canoe is usually my starter word lol

A few other wordle type games I came across are and is like wordle except you can play all day as much as you want and even challenge friends. I learned of this game because the domain sold for 100K on Feb 10th this year.

With, it involves 4-letter swear words. It’s much the same as the other games except it’s 4 letters instead of 5. And you only get 4 tries instead of 5.
I’ve been doing these myself lately. The NYT one and Canuckle. My Daughter and myself like to see how we did. So far this month she is kicking my butt although I have been perfect so far with the Canckle one. And 1 wrong on the NYT one. It’s a nice way to start the morning over a coffee. Get the ‘ole brain going. :)
My daughter and I do the canuckle and wordle of the day at midnight PST every night. The canuckle is obviously easier, narrowing down the words I'm willing to guess to ones with obvious canadian relevance. That "pride" one the other day was lame because lgbqt isn't exactly a Canadian thing. I thought for sure I had it in two guesses and that it was going to be "prime" as in prime minister, but I was wrong... I've gotten one right on the first try (I had been starting with bears until that one hit!), and a few on two guesses, but the majority are 3. If you get unlucky on the first guess with no matches, you're pretty much guaranteed 3 or more... But I'm trying not to play the one's you can do as many as you want. Too easy to waste your day away!

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