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Nov 18, 2020
Nelson, BC
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Looks like after another lacklustre start to the season, and fans throwing their jersies onto the ice at the last game against the Penguins, the Vancouver Canucks management has let the coach and gm go.

There must be a few Canucks fans here. Have been watching the Canucks since moving to BC in 1989, aside from the Pavel Bure years and maybe Messier and Sedin twins, have almost always been a disappointment. Don't know if they've ever had a real NHL star player in their prime other than Bure.
Well, I remember the times Sedin brothers were there and were making news. Toronto had Sundin and others during the same time. But since they picked up Matthew, Marner, Nylander and brought JT as Captain, they have done better. But there was always an issue with a franchise goalie who was in the calibre of Stanley Cup winners such as Patrick Roy, Marc-Andre Fleury, Martin Brodeur, or Dominik Hašek. Hoping Jack Campbell would be one!!!
Sedin brothers were good but like Trevor Linden, I don't think any of them were NHL superstar status like a Sundin, McDavid, or Matthews.

Canucks just put Stan Smyl as their interim GM right now, decent player in his time but in the NHL world just mediocre. Same with Pat Quinn and Brian Burke, people in charge have never been top quality. Results speak for themselves.
Quinn Hughes is a Norris-caliber defensemen and probably their best draft pick in a while.
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The Vancouver Canucks are just like the weather there... "you should have been here two weeks ago".
He is pretty good at racking up the assists for sure, imagine if he had a better offense to work with.

DomainRecap said:
Quinn Hughes is a Norris-caliber defensemen and probably their best draft pick in a while.

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