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This is a great tool to look up previous cases when you are confronted with a CDRP of your own.

I made the following easy to remember shortcuts to the cira website: - CIRA's Dispute Resolution Policy (CDRP) - To Be Released List - CIRA's domain owner contact form
One of the most interesting CDRP's in my opinion was for which to this day does not resolve.

Unbelievable that the domain is not in use :eek:

Read about the decision here: CDRP decision: 00284 | CIRA

Seems like the two parties had a deal for trademark rights and the domain and then the domain didn't get transferred or registrant didn't want to relinquish it? Am I missing something there? owned by Dave Chandler was successfully defended in a CDRP and ended up in the possession of so it's safe to speculate there was a successful sale once the CDRP failed.

CDRP decision: 00297 | CIRA

So much simpler to settle things amicably than trying to decide who is in the right. Even a low amount sale would benefit the domain holder as there is not other future for

What is the cost of the CDRP process?

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