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Im sorry just reply to the thread, actually I dont have any .ca, most of my collection are .com , I wondering if I can join if I don't have .ca name?
This will be a great place to learn Bookname. Do let us know when you make your first .ca acquisition. :)
Just be aware that you have to technically have a Canadian presence (be a citizen, resident or company in Canada) to register .CA domains, otherwise you risk losing them to what is known as a RIV.

I just don't want you wasting your time if you don't qualify.

Otherwise, welcome! You can get much better quality of name in the .CA compared to what you can find in .COM, but you're selling to a much smaller audience, so it definitely has its challenges.
Interesting, through the RIV process a domain can be cancelled and made available again on a first come first serve basis. It doesn't go into the TBR.

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