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Nov 20, 2020
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CIRA is looking for an outstanding Chief Operating Officer. "Someone who is passionate about working at the heart of the Internet in Canada, making a difference, and working with an innovative and dynamic team. Sound like you? "

Going forward, CIRA will continue to deliver on its number one priority, the safe, stable, and secure operation of the .CA domain, while continuing to develop its flourishing cybersecurity, DNS, and registry services. In short, CIRA is doubling down on its decision to become a multi-service organization is necessary to ensure the organization’s long-term sustainability. Doing so will require a new cross disciplinary leader, capable of powering a line-of-business structure.

Titled Chief Operating Officer (COO), this role will consolidate finance, market-facing, corporate services and shared technology resources, creating a multi-disciplinary team with a mission to enable 4 lines of business:

* .CA
* Cyber & DNS
* Registry
* Community Investment
Was thinking the same thing *THUMBSUP*
Esdiel said:
You should apply [notify]FM[/notify]!
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Esdiel said:
You should apply [notify]FM[/notify]!
jaydub said:
Was thinking the same thing *THUMBSUP*

I feel honoured by your suggestion and trust, but even though I've been a COO before (in a Startup), I'm not sure this is the right opportunity for me.
Do you have to send in your porn collection with your resume, or is that during the interview?

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