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Nov 20, 2020
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For those willing to dive further into CIRA and think that it is lacking transparency, please make sure to take some time and check this page - there is lots of information here. said:
Board of directors & governance
* Binder letter
* Board Charter
* Board of Directors Election Nomination Committee
* Board of Directors Election Returning Officer
* Board meeting agendas and minutes

Compensation & expenses
* Board compensation
* Employee compensation

Finances and Strategic Plan
* Fiscal Year 2021 Annual Report to Members
* FY21 Financial Statements and Disclosures
* FY21-25 Strategic Plan
* Fiscal Year 2022 Corporate Plan

Legal decisions and dispute resolutions
* Domain name disputes
* CDRP Decisions
* CDRP fee schedule

What type of information did you find, what are you missing? It would be great if you can also bring back your feedback to the AGM next week.
I had asked CIRA the following questions on July 12th
1. CIRA states that it develops and implements policies for a trusted internet. What policies have been developed and implemented in past 3 years in that regard?
2. CIRA reports that it manages over 3 million DUMS. Of those 3 m DUMS how many are corporate and how many are individuals?

I understand that only about 1 million DUMS are active and that 25% of them are corporate but I would like more accurate information.

I don't have an issue with a Registrar owning 10,000+ DUMS but should we know the distribution? Should CIRA members know how many Registrars own say more than 1,000 DUMs? should members know what influence they have in the CDRP process and election process?
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