CIRA warns against website blocking in copyright consultation (1 Viewing)

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Nov 20, 2020
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CIRA said:
CIRA’s comments come on the heels of a Federal Court of Appeal ruling to uphold Canada’s first-ever court-ordered website blocking framework. While the Court’s decision did not grant ISPs the power to block websites at will, it demonstrated the Court’s position that website blocking is not a remedy of last resort, where CIRA believes that it should be. The government’s consultation offers all internet governance experts the opportunity to establish a new set of tests for when ISP-level blocking is acceptable.

While I haven't read the full statement from CIRA, I generally agree with their stance.
All of this being said, a DNS "firewall" (in my eyes a misnomer) as they call their DNS filter, can also serve as a potential censorship infrastructure. Of course, it's not intended to serve as such, but technically it can be used to block access to specific websites.
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