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Nov 4, 2020
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I guess Canadian Tire lost out because CTC.ca (Canadian Tire Corporation) now resolves to Microsoft.

Looks to be either Microsoft or an official affiliate.

I think over the years Canadian Tire had plenty of opportunities to by this domain.
Doubly unfortunate for Canadian Tire, since the CTC is also the home of the Ottawa Senators (Canadian Tire Centre).
I mentioned that domain in a few threads, and it truly is insane that in 2021, Canadian Tire doesn't own either CT.ca or CTC.ca and in an emergency I'm forced to type in that monstrosity of a domain into my phone to "quickly" check stock.

And I would remind everyone that CT took in about $15 Billion last year.
GeorgeK said:
WHOIS shows it's owned by "Charles Tennant & Company".

That landing page is just a standard Windows IIS hosting default (IIS is an alternative Apache or NGINX),


and doesn't imply the domain is owned by Microsoft.

Yeah I've seen that page a million times, its just a default microsoft webserver message, like the apache ones you see too.
I'm also surprised they don't own CTC.ca given all the domains they own/bought. The acronym is plastered hundreds of times in all of their financial reports, and it's their ticker too.

On a somewhat related matter, I noticed how they own (and currently use) CTFS.com, as well as MYCTFS.com, for their financial services / banking subsidiary. Interestingly enough, they use the .COM over the .CA... which is a little surprising given they use their .CAs as their primary domain for their other websites. They previously used CTAL.com before switching over to CTFS.com, and I don't think they ever owned CTAL.ca since it's been in use by different companies since 2001.

If you have further questions, just call: 1-866-681-CTFS :)

Just kidding, but it's their actual phone number so feel free to call if you want. Or you can learn more at this wikipedia page:


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