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Nov 4, 2020
Waterloo, ON
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I sold a domain a few months back and the buyer chose the lease to own option. Thing is the buyer chose a 12 month lease option which in itself was quite unusual.

So to my surprise over three months later the buyer defaulted on payment and the domain landed back in my account.

All in all it's a pretty sweet option which made me a nice little piece of pocket change.
I have DAN on quite a few of my domains but ever after hearing this, is GD still a better option? I ask because it’s more well known and with the amount of scams going around online, GD is more of a trusted/known source.

On a side note, my major issue with GD is their massive commission rate compared to DAN’s.
Let me break down why this is a positive and not a negative...

1. The client bought a domain name they obviously stretched on financially and decided to take it over 12 payments. There would not have been a godaddy sale because they do not have that option so this was a win sale to begin with.

2. The new owner defaulted in the fourth month, probably because their project did not take off or they ran out of funds. The lease to own option gave them an out to recoup at least a portion of their funds.

3. For me it looked like this, all in USD

Sale 25k plus a 10% fee for the year financing = $27,500

Divide that into 12 payments = $2,291 per month

Deduct 9-10% commission = $2061

I got 3 full months of rent = $2061 x3 = $6,183

Now I have my domain back and $6 I did not have before, all in all a pretty sweet deal for me.
Here is another trick I use....

I ignore most godaddy offers and ultimately the purchaser punches the domain into the address bar and lands at Dan. They buy there and my commission is 9% instead of 20%. I have tested this on a few sales and most of the time the offer will hit both if I do not answer the godaddy one.

I also have around 800 private domains which I do not publish. I simply forward them to MapleDots and when I get an offer to purchase I direct it to Dan at a 5% commission. I used to do that in house but my payment processing is approaching 3% now. Instead Dan does all the work, I just unlock the domain and EVERYTHING is handled so the 5% commission is very reasonable.

The only NEGATIVE is there are a lot of not completed sales but I don't even count those any more, they are irrelevant because I only count paid transactions. So when the money hits my account I consider the domain sold, before that I look at the SOLD moniker being no different than an offer. Dan simply puts the domain back in my account and the process restarts. It is less at godaddy but I have had a number of no payments there as well so its unavoidable and Dan is the better payment gateway for me. So much so that it is now the only form of payment I offer. You want a domain from me you have to pay via Dan period.

Another little tidbit.... if you have a significant sale (lets say over 100k) do not be afraid to negotiate with Dan. They will drop their commission to 5% even though all negotiations were done through their platform. If you know how to negotiate the extra 4-5 points can make a huge difference.
If you have found a buyer and want them to pay through Dan for the lower 5% commission, how does that work?

I've done this with Sedo before, where a buyer wanted to use them for payment, and got a lower commission that way.
You have to import the lead. I've never done it, but apparently it's pretty easy
I see, so you'd add the lead and if already agreed on the price, select 'Transaction' at the bottom of the form?

And it looks like you can just add a lead to negotiate at Dan, say if you had an email inquiry about a domain.

Thanks for pointing out this part of the site.

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