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Nov 4, 2020
Waterloo, ON
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Was looking at this today...

DN.ca = Domain Name

then I thought

DI.ca = Domain Inquiry

I thought if it is reasonable I might hunt down that domain but it ended up being $37,400 USD which is more than what I am willing to allocate for the purchase.

That said, what I am willing to allocate and what the domain is worth are two different things.

Who thinks $37,400 USD is a good deal?
That is about 50k CDN …perhaps some Divine Intervention will let you know if you should Do I t.
I guess it would depend on what you wanted it for as to whether it is worth the asking price or not.
MapleDots said:
Who thinks $37,400 USD is a good deal?

Well looks like $37,400 is the minimum offer. It’s possible that they want more for it. I never like to have a high starting minimum offer because I believe that doesn’t leave much room for negotiation….. Unless they are looking for a 6 figure price.
I think the minimum offer is too high to start.

They are indeed pretty decent 2 letters, but there are probably better ones out there. ;)
There have been many 2 letter domains that have been purchased for under 5k whether it be by TBR drops or reseller from other domainers. If you’re spending 50K for a domain I hope you have a plan for it or you’re not leaving any room for profit.
I think a two letter .ca like that is one you hold and wait for a well funded end user. If that is the mentality of the owner, then the minimum offer is fine imo. It also saves the owner from caving in to a lesser offer if it was set at 5k or 10k.

for the "I", it made me think of Intelligence.

as in "Domain Intelligence"

or for the "D", Decentralized which is a word that gets thrown around a lot in crypto.
MapleDots said:

I'm pretty sure pointing at your crotch is against the rules :lol:

My bad! I didn’t check the rules before posting. :lol:

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