Did they copy Dan's logo? (1 Viewing)

Flow Blockchain might find themselves in a bit of trouble virtually stealing Dan.com's logo.


I don’t really agree….so it’s similar in style but it’s not the same logo.
Neither is that great. Don't think there are issues.
MapleDots said:
Everybody copies everything, hence the internet but if you look at the two logos even the inside (non circular) part of the d in the dan logo has been copied.

onflow.org uses #00EF8A hex code for their green

Dan.com uses multiple hex codes for their green.

Dan does not own green that I'm aware of.

99% of people don't know who either company is.
theinvestor said:
Maybe they used the same logo designer?

This is the first thing I wondered.

It was probably unintentional but it's similar enough, as others have explained already. There are arguments to be made both ways, but to me, they at least seem related. At least the same company with two similar but different brand logos.

Somewhat reminds me of this too, in terms of symbols related to the same subject ("same same, but different"):



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