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Dec 4, 2020
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funny story about gifting a domain........

I was dating a lady who had just become an aunt...(this is about 10yrs back) so the baby's name was obscure and prevalent so I thought to keep my eyes open in TBR due to it being taken.....wouldn't you know it did come up and I secured it for low $xx

At the baby christening, I purchased a card and inserted a typed letter/certificate that they are the proud owner of "" I told my girlfriend what I had planned and she was horrified.........said "who gives a child a domain" my card gets opened at the social after the christening and when my card was opened it was silence..........lots of head-scratching and confused looks

I told the father I would transfer the domain into his care.....took him a year and repeated reminders...also I pleaded not to transfer into GoDaddy.....of course, that just what he did

Well the relationship to the lady never panned out so fast forward to 4yrs back the WHOIS info still pointed to me and i get an offer on$5000....yep $5000 (babyname was convertible to other industries) so i reach out to the father of the child and inform him to change whois and provide contact info for offer

Well...........he responds to me he wants $20,000 and to relay it to the potential buyer......I said nope - you deal with it

no real moral to the story just goes to show you .....mentality of people 10yrs back

PS. I have two grandchildren and 30 ok-good "" even tried to convince my daughters when it came to luck

I remember back in the day when I knew nothing about domains my last name was registered but not in use. The guy said he registered it for a relative and I could have it if I put it to good use. He tried to guide me how to transfer it in but I had no idea how to do it. Eventually the transfer expired.

The domain was under privacy and over the years I contacted the guy again but the email address is no longer valid, I gave been unable to get the domain ever since. My last name was in my grasp and I screwed it up, there is no way to get a hold of the guy because the contact email goes nowhere.

Crap, crap, and crap!
I’ve found that anytime you gift a domain the ones receiving it don’t seem to care or understand the value. Going forward I tried a different strategy which is telling them about the domain (if available to register) and guide them into registering.

I gifted one domain ( It was picked up by me in TBR and I gifted the domain. It still cost me a few hundred. A year later, they dropped it. So I picked it up again and now I own it. That was a lesson learned.
$5000 is a really good first offer for most .ca domains (excepting things like strong premiums, etc.)

the gifting idea just shows how most people don't really value or think about domains too much.
domains said:
$5000 is a really good first offer for most .ca domains

I did a cold cira form contact a while back and offered 5k for Protocol(dot)ca which was not in use.

Person sent me an email back the next day saying it was a fair offer and 20 minutes later the domain was in my account.

I have often used the 5k as a target for standard sales and acquisitions.
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iancc said:
PS. I have two grandchildren and 30 ok-good "" even tried to convince my daughters when it came to luck


I own maybe 100 first/last names. I’ve also tried to convince my wife to name kids after domains I owned. Never really worked….and of course the names we chose has been very difficult to acquire them. On a positive note I was able to acquire one this year through TBR. So 1 out of 3 ain’t bad I guess ;)

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