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Nov 4, 2020
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Some of you may notice our new Domain Name Forum directory at the bottom of the main page.

We thought it would be a good resource for everyone.

If we are missing any Domain Name Forums please list them here.
Screenshot (77).png

Been fooling around with the look a bit

PS: It will not display on mobile phones but will display on tablets and bigger screen sizes.

I restrict widgets from displaying on phones to reduce scrolling and clutter on small screens. If you want to see it on a small screen please turn your phone sideways.
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Just looked at the webstats and the forum links have been clicked over 800 times in this short time and the CIRA links have been clicked over 600 times.

PS. I do most of the webdesign freehand and the amount of time it took to get these just right annoyed my wife :LOL:

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