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Nov 11, 2020
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So I sometimes use both and “recently sold” sections of their website. I have to say that both are very helpful when trying to tell a potential customer why the price is what it is. It’s a great reference for fair market value I believe. I don’t know either Wayne (domain names) or Ilze (Excellent) but have communicated through email with Ilze in the past and may have sold her a couple of domains years ago. She seems to be a stand up professional.

I recently noticed that has changed their website. I think it’s a huge upgrade to what they were using before. I like it a lot. Thoughts?

Also, what do other members here use to justify a price? I know Namebio also comes to mind.
I agree [notify]Nafti[/notify] I have seen both the sites and Wayne has done well with his. Ilze has had it the same for the longest time but very useful indeed. I have used it for pricing on the 3 char domains, but people find it very hard to accept. Even the Godaddy Brokerage finds those sold prices to be somewhat inflated. Their free valuation tool is ideally set to lower the expectation to help them sell domains.

Great eye on keeping up with the changes...

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