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Ebenezer Thevasagayam
Jan 27, 2021
Toronto, ON
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Hello Richard,

Would like you to address a hotly discussed topic of some restricted domains getting registered on the 30th of May. Did CIRA release any such domains or would you shed some light into the cases of the following domains that have been brought up? etc

Wish to thank [notify]LCM[/notify] for digging through and [notify]Nafti[/notify] for keeping an eye for it.

Wish to know what happened and clear the air for many of us here.


[notify]richard.schreier[/notify] [notify]Nafti[/notify] [notify]Esdiel[/notify] [notify]LCM[/notify] [notify]Spex[/notify][notify]dancarls[/notify]
Hi [notify]Eby[/notify], I am not aware of those domains having been on a restricted list and I don't know of any restrictions that were lifted recently. Is there a specific reason why you think these domains were "restricted" in the past? I'll do some extra digging just in case.

Thanks for pointing this out EBY, yes it turns out the block on these names (and others) was removed by accident. We are investigating further and will get back with an update.
Thanks Richard for your prompt attention..

obviously, Oral and login had other provincial extensions and these are very prominent domains which have all been registered on the same day, which was not a TBR day.

Just bringing this to your attention since there is a conversation in the forum at

If you can confirm that these were NOT restricted and there was no such leak at CIRA, then it wouldn't be an issue. I am willing to accept it as someone being clever.. but it's too hard to believe as it is now.

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