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Nov 4, 2020
Waterloo, ON
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Has anyone else seen an increase in inquiries for domain names starting with AI?

I only own 3 domains starting with AI but when I look at my google stats the traffic has gone through the roof on those domains. I have also been getting inquiries through godaddy and my landing forms on these domains.

All this has made me wonder if anyone else is seeing more activity on domains starting with AI
I know .com's would have value with the AI term in them, but do you think .ca would as well?

Names like and could have really good value, not sure if the same would be for .ca since these tend to be more global type companies.

I see the same thing with other terms sometimes, where the word fits .com or a global reach, but wouldn't work so well with just Canada. I could be wrong here, but I wouldn't go out and reg a ton of 'AI' domains in .ca because I think even if there are AI companies in Canada, they would want a more global appealing domain.
that said I might have a couple of AI domains, one being, and haven't noticed any pickup in interest. It looks like a funny domain to me because in french ail means garlic.
domains said:
looks like a funny domain to me because in french ail means garlic.

Maybe you can sell it to a garlic farm in Alberta, lol.
Like the guy who bought and years ago, thinking it had value to a bed and breakfast theme or some alternate accommodations to hotels.

Then he sold them to someone who wanted to use them for a Norway Hotels site, as NO is the country code for Norway.

Looks like one of those domains is still being used, and it's gone back to the theme idea the original registrant had, lol.

I would say low chance of a french garlic farm in Alberta though, unless I decide to start one.

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