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Dec 19, 2020
This is a place to post domains we see on TV.

I've been meaning to start this topic for a while, and with the Super Bowl coming up tomorrow, I figured it would be a perfect time to get it started.

The rules are simple:

1) include the domain you saw on TV; AND
2) include the name of the network/channel you saw it on.

The main idea is to focus on Canadian TV networks/channels, but I encourage members to mention domains from non-Canadian networks too. Just make sure to include the name of the network/channel.

If this topic gets some traction, I was thinking of creating separate lists of domains, by network, and including those lists here in the original post. This way we can watch the lists grow over time and would be able to easily analyze domains by network to see if there are trends. For example, we could look for whether some channels/networks might be oriented more towards certain things/people, or whether we'll see more .COMs on certain channels, etc.

Note: this original post may be edited over time. If you have any recommendations or thoughts about this topic, please don't hesitate to share them.
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Keep in mind that networks and channels aren't the same thing, and a network may have many different channels. With that said, feel free to mention the specific channel as well. For example, I will try to specify between domains I see on CBC's local free channel and domains I see on CBC's News Network, which is a paid channel. The different TSN channels would be another example but I want to keep things relatively simple and therefore this last bit here is not a rule. It is simply a recommendation and something to keep in mind.

List of Canadian TV Networks:

List of Canadian TV Channels:
I think it's only appropriate I get things rolling, so here's my list of domains I've seen on CBC News Network.

I compiled most of the list around May-June 2020 so I'm sure there are plenty of new ones to add by now, and of course there are other channels besides CBC (but this is all I focused on so far).

CBC News Network:
Citytv (QC station - CJNT-DT)

So I caught the end of "The Canadian Tradition" fishing show on Citytv this morning and saw these:

I saw commercials for Under Armour, RAM and Bass Pro Shops & Cabelas too but they didn't showoff their domains. A hunting show then came on and I saw these:

Winchester had a domain on their commercial too but it was long and in such small font that I couldn't make it out.
CBC (Montreal - CBMT-DT)
MapleDots said: >>

You saw the domain while watching tv on Or you're simply pointing out how forwards to
Global Toronto

I was just live-streaming Global Toronto and it was one of those televised sermons, and the pastor had his domain ( on the screen for the entire program. The guy is American and uses the .CA to forward to his .COM website.

I like how he thought to use the .CA for his Canadian audience, and he's smart to show his domain for the entire program.

I wasn't able to grab a screenshot of the domain during the actual sermon but I did capture this at the very end, where he continues to show his domain:


I didn't catch it on time but Samsung had in their commercial (for a split second):


MapleDots said:
I could have sworn Global used to use the .ca and now forwards to the .com

It seems like has mainly been used as a redirect, except for at the very beginning of their history online.

The very first capture on Archive is from October 2000 and it shows they used the .CA as their primary domain, but it's a little confusing since the logo showing on the website was (see screenshot below). It also looks like they gave up on the .CA around May 2001 since that's the last capture until July 7th, 2005, at which point the domain starts forwarding to (see second screenshot).


There's A LOT of history to review/consider but was then owned by the now defunct CanWest Global Communications Corporation, which also owned Global at the time. CanWest owned a bunch of channels, networks, newspaper, classifieds, etc, and it seems like they wanted to put them all under one website (i.e.


What do you think, does Global deserve a spot on the ".CA Hall of Shame" list because they use over In their defense, they do use as their primary news website, and have domains like which forward to it, but the funny thing is they don't own either... so it's not like they had a choice (unless they bought the .com of course). also sold for 18K on NameJet in April 2018, and has 18 bids for the listing at Sedo... just now on CTV during the Superbowl

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Great name
Spex said: just now on CTV during the Superbowl

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Great name

Nice. I'm watching CTV Montreal on my TV using my OTA antenna, and also streaming CTV Halifax to take screenshots lol.
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Super Bowl (CBS) via CTV Montreal and CTV Halifax

So I missed some of the first quarter, and certainly didn't catch all of the domains, but here's what I got. There were a few different ads between Montreal and Halifax but the large majority were the same. The screenshots were taken watching CTV Halifax but I think almost all, except for, were also on CTV Montreal. Let me know if you guys spotted others. (MTL only) (MTL - only)

Given the Super Bowl is a special occasion, I thought I would add these other screenshots even though there's no domain showing.

This doesn't apply to all of those below, but quite a few commercials would only mention/pronounce the domain in the audio of the ad, and not spell it out. A few companies, like Disney+ and Crave, also had different kinds of ads play during the event where some showed their domain and others didn't.










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I did notice and found it to be amusing.
You had been watching the Super Bowl very intently @Esdiel
Eby said:
I did notice and found it to be amusing.
You had been watching the Super Bowl very intently @Esdiel

Haha. If there's anything I've learned from watching commercials it's that the domain will almost always show in the final seconds of the ad. It happens quick, but if you're aware of that it's pretty easy to capture the domains.

And here's the commercial again for you, and those who missed it:

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