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Spex said: got lots of screen time during the Leafs game tonight. It was superimposed on the ice near each blue line

Seems like a car buying website

Yup. I thought about it too.

Great comeback win for the Leafs.
silentg said:
Saw in a YouTube ad on Apple TV.

Didn’t know RealSports rebranding as RS. Great domain indeed.
Eby said:
Didn’t know RealSports rebranding as RS. Great domain indeed. used to be owned and in use by "Market Regulation Services Inc. (RS)", until they merged with another regulatory body (IDA) in June 2008 to become

They hung onto the domain after changing names. It would be interesting to know how much it sold for. Looks like Real Sports bought it sometime in mid-2020.
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Saw a CBC news story on TV this morning with the domain showing. Didn't capture it on TV but found the same image on their website:

Saw on TV a couple of times.

Wasn't able to capture it but i found a similar commercial from previous years (on youtube).



rlm said:
Chicken schmicken. Bacon reigns supreme.

Honestly, was the first thing to come to mind when I saw the commercial. Bodes well for your bacon if you ask me.

The owners of also own the french equivalent,, and there's a separate website for it. I'm impressed how they've gone all out, and how they've owned/been using the domains for quite some time too. Almost reminds me of commercials from US television where you'll see a lot of short generic single word domains, like

Anyway, I think is even better than since its the same word/spelling in both languages, so no extra domain or website is required.

Finally here's a link to the 5K prize on if people want to enter:

"No purchase necessary. Contest closes June 12, 2022 at 11:59 PM EDT. Open to residents of Canada over the age of majority. Prizes: one (1) grand prize valued at approximately $5,000. Up to two (2) entries per person. Odds of winning depend on number of eligible entries received. Must correctly answer a mathematical skill-testing question to win. Entry form and full contest rules at"
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Saw on CBC News this morning. They are a British organization that "want to see the monarchy abolished and the Queen replaced with an elected, democratic head of state. In place of the Queen we want someone chosen by the people, not running the government but representing the nation independently of our politicians."


From their website:

Okay, this wasn't on TV, but after my mini Domainer lunch in Ottawa this Sunday with [notify]richard.schreier[/notify] and Ilze:


-Google-Photos-Mozilla-Firefox-2022-06-02-14-24-09.png Oh it's :D
MapleDots said:
I thought the same thing

Same here. Kinda reminds me of how the domain "" could also read as "the rapist"... Something i never realized until recently:

MapleDots said:
Would help to remember if ggf stood for something


DomainRecap said:

I figure maple knew that and meant it should at least be written somewhere on the truck so people can connect the dots and remember the acronym more easily.

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