DroneInsurance.ca - Sold $2,900 CAD (1 Viewing)

MapleDots said:
Wow, nice sale

That will be a massive growing field in the future because all drones over a certain size will be mandated to have insurance.

I own a few drone domains, this was definitely a niche domain, I'm sure I could of held out for more judging on the size of the company, but I was happy with the price.
Nice sale Dan!
domains said:
Nice one, was there a lot of negotiation involved, or were you close on price?

I tried to stick hard to 5k but after probably 4-5 months I came down to his price.. I needed the coin and I paid less than $10 for the name, I figured I shouldn't be too greedy and take the profit.

It was for Major company too so if I played the waiting game I may have been able to pick up the last bit i was hoping for, but it's still a two word 14 letter domain.

Congrats, I know we talked about it back early on in the negotiations. I liked that domain too and with the .com developed, I surely thought they'd have eventually ponied up the full price, otherwise I'd have made a more serious effort to buy it from you myself!
dancarls said:
Sold to a large corp, domain still sits unresolved.

Sold $2,900 CAD

Congrats Dan. That's a nice sale. Did they approach you, or did you contact them?
DropWizard said:
Congrats Dan. That's a nice sale. Did they approach you, or did you contact them?

My memory is like 1.5 gigs of data in a 1 gig stick, so I tend trash bin a lot of stuff lol, It went one of two ways both of which involved rlm..

I would like to think that I received the offer via Efty, I did some research to learn more about who placed the offer and then reached out to rlm for some advice.. I think rlm looked into it and found that the company ( DroneInsurance.com ) was in the process of setting up an office in Canada and had some job postings listed on one of the work boards. The main company was https://www.rein.ai/ .

I was trying to hold out for $5k but after 6months or more I blinked first and accepted the original offer. I'm sure others could have negotiated 3-5x more but I finally looked at it as, I paid $10 or less ( maybe on a whc 2.99 sale?) for the domain it was a good profit and I had a domain cashflow issue and I didn't dare chance my wife seeing me taking $ from our account for domains lol.

OR it went down this way?

I have shared my portfolio with rlm a cpl times, he may have discovered that www.DroneInsurance.com was opening an office in Canada and that it might be a good outbound lead generation opportunity for me if i was interested in offering up DroneInsurance.ca. Either way rlm was part of the process.

I have used rlm as a sounding board on more than one occasion.. Thank your rlm.

I think this forum is going to provide a lot of support / guidance and feedback for a lot of domainers! I definitely rely on the knowledge contained in these boards.

Thanks Dan and kudos to Rob for the assist *THUMBSUP*
jaydub said:
Thanks Dan and kudos to Rob for the assist *THUMBSUP*

Haha, I was trying to convince him to hold out and not take the offer! But we all have to do what we have to do. Holding out is always a gamble though, sometimes it pays off, sometimes you walk away with nothing. I've definitely walked away with nothing more frequently than I've walked away with my pockets full. So when faced with renewals, accepting the offer probably seemed like a lot less effort than doing the Sophie's Choice on your portfolio.

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