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Nov 4, 2020
Waterloo, ON
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Great Search Engine, Strange Web URL; Two Years Later, “” Still Just Redirects

PALM BEACH, FL – A couple of days ago I looked up and saw a highway sign and thought to myself, ‘great search engine, horrible name.’ That was after seeing a sign off I-95, in West Palm Beach, Florida advertising what is a better search engine then Bing and Yahoo, but still far less use. Also sort of odd, there was no web URL on the sign.

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MapleDots says:

John Colascione posted the great article above and it got me wondering about
Unfortunately the domain does not resolve so very much like it has not been developed.

My idea, if you remove our feathered friend from the equation, has a vast potential for a VPN or anything that wants to duck out of the way.

I contacted the owner of and invited him to this chat to see if he has any plans of selling or is developing the domain.

I will also contact the author of the article John Colascione to get his insights.
It’s quite interesting that was owned by Google just a few years ago. Any speculation on if money was involved in the transfer of to DuckDuckGo? Or you think Google didn’t want to seem like the bully and just handed it over?

Surprising to see not developed. [notify]MapleDots[/notify], did the owner get back to you when you reached out to them?
Nafti said:
did the owner get back to you when you reached out to them?

Yes I made contact and he is a nice friendly guy, not a domainer per say and I cannot say for sure but it appears he has no big plans for the domain at the moment.
Sorry, I couldn't read this post, as I was ducking as soon as I read "duck". ;-)

Interesting didn't know the story of as not resolving, yep, that's a pity.
Thanks for highlighting the story and the invite. Looks like this place is a good community for those with interest in Canada based domains. I have not one to be honest and I do not believe I ever owned one in the twenty years of developing sites.

The search engine DuckDuckGo looks to have a 1.25% share of search traffic in Canada, according to StatCounter, which I use.

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