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Nov 4, 2020
Waterloo, ON
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Dynadot took the drastic move of turning off its own web site last week after noticing an apparent security breach.

The registrar also reset all of its customers’ passwords, acknowledging the pair of moves were “extremely inconvenient”.

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Has anyone used dynadot lately, its insane, the security is fort knx.

Change your password.

Get SMS token

Login, veryify email

Sorry your session has expired, login again, send sms token.

Unlock domain, send sms token etc etc etc.

Only had 2 domains there including my newly acquired namepost.xyz

I moved them both out, there is a fine line between security and insane, my entire sms filled up with dynadot crap with 2 domains, imagine if I had a hundred.

See ya... I won't be back

By comparison I use Google authenticator at godaddy, I punch it in once and I can do anything I want until I log out. Seems every bloody thing I do at dynadot now requires re-authorization.
Well I just went through resetting my password with no issues…signed out and back in with no issues. Transferring a domain out to Epik to see if any issues with transfers.
No issues with transfer.
I didn’t have any sms token requests or expired..login again problems. All went very smoothly for me.

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