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Jul 1, 2022
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Report Domain Sales in Seconds With Our NameBio Integration​

Public domain name sales data is incredibly valuable information and helpful to both domain name investors and the general public.
Having insight into end-user sales data guides domain name investors in pricing strategies and for domain buyers, reported sales data provides knowledge of what other companies paid for similar domain names and shows that their competition is investing in their online presence by making large and valuable domain name purchases.
At Efty, as per our governance, we do not have access to our customer’s sales data but we do encourage investors to share end-user sales data whenever possible.
For that reason, I am happy to share that we teamed up with NameBio, the world’s largest historical domain name sales database, to enable one-click domain name sales reporting from within your Efty Investor dashboard whenever you mark a domain name as sold. As well as any domain names you’ve previously marked as sold.

Here’s how that works: Report Domain Sales in Seconds With Our NameBio Integration
Efty might become the next best option if GD ruins Dan for us.

Domain.io has its appeal too but still much different than Dan and Efty.
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