Epik Registrar gets a new CEO (1 Viewing)

Congratulations Rob Monster on your new position at Epik and I hope the new CEO guides the company to bring it a bit more center so we have a viable competitor in the domaining space.
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I don't know if it's related but they increased their renewal prices. So far I checked .com/.net/.org - $35 renewal
Yeah just looked after you mentioned it @silentg …I moved some there at $8.95 but at $35 they won’t be staying there.
Hi there - yes, if you are a domainer on this forum and not seeing Domainer pricing, just contact Epik support.

As for Brian Royce, many folks did meet him at NamesCon this week. I think you will be impressed with what Brian brings to the industry. We are excited to have him in the CEO seat. I continue as Chairman, while spending a bit more time on ministry and philanthropy projects.

Suffice it to say that Brian has big plans for scaling Epik and has thoroughly enjoyed meeting the domainer community at NamesCon. He gets a lot done in a day, and is a capable leader, manager and dealmaker. As such, I believe this will be a welcome addition.
Epik has replaced CEO Rob Monster with a younger model whose Twitter feed suggests could be every bit as controversial.

Not sure if I like this Domain Incite article, give the guy a chance before you start roasting him.

Epik replaces Monster with younger clone - Domain Incite

If anyone finds it can you post the Twitter feed they are talking about, I am on the road on mobile and can't find it at the moment.
Thanks…I contacted support and they gave me domainers pricing (y)

Hi there - yes, if you are a domainer on this forum and not seeing Domainer pricing, just contact Epik support.

I like Epik but have so far refrained from using them because some of the different softwares they use in my opinion are questionable and I am very leery of using their federated identity.

It looks like a little bit of a mish mash to me and I think there has to be a lot of maturing to bring everything together before I can trust my info and assets are safe there.

That said, I don't trust godaddy further than I can throw them as well and have been starting to move my .ca domains to whc.

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