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Dec 19, 2020
I came across this domain/website owned by FB. It's an interesting subject/project but I'm a little shocked they would ever choose such a ridiculously long domain, and that they went with a .COM when Canadians are their target audience...

Here's the whois info in case you doubt whether FB is the registrant, and you can read more about the project further below:



About this project

At Facebook, we are committed to doing our part to protect and safeguard the integrity of elections by ensuring that the accounts of politicians and political parties are secure and that people have access to reliable information and diverse perspectives.

Facebook’s Canadian Election Integrity Initiative is a direct response to the Communications Security Establishment’s Cyber Threats to Canada’s Democratic Process report.

It includes:

Info and Ads: starting in November 2017, people are able to click “Info and Ads” on a Page and view ads a Page is running on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger —whether or not the person viewing is in the intended audience for the ad. We started this test in Canada and have since rolled this out around the world.

Third party fact-checking: in June 2018, we launched third party fact-checking in Canada with Agence France-Presse (AFP), an International Fact-Checking Network-certified fact-checker. AFP will have fact-checkers in Canada review news stories on Facebook in English and French and rate their accuracy. We've since expanded fact-checking to include photos and videos to help us identify and take action against more types of misinformation.

Ads transparency tools: in March 2019, we announced new details about our ads transparency tools set to launch in Canada before the end of June 2019, ahead of the Canadian federal election. In line with the requirements of Bill C-76 we will: launch an Ad Library in Canada; require advertisers to verify their identities before running ads; and, develop policies for issues ads in Canada by seeking input from an advisory group. See our release to learn more.

The launch of a new 2-year partnership between Facebook Canada and MediaSmarts to promote digital and news literacy.

The release of the Facebook Cyber Hygiene Guide for Politicians and Political Parties, to support information security.

The launch of an emergency Canadian Facebook Cyber Threats Crisis Email Line, in the event of cyber interference including suspected hacks.

The launch of a partnership with Equal Voice to promote safety and empowerment for women leaders, including the launch of #HerVoice safety guide for women leaders. The guide aims to equip women leaders with the tools they need to use Facebook and Instagram effectively and safely during campaign.

The guy at Facebook in charge of registering domain names can’t be a domain investor. ;)

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