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Nov 7, 2020
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I just had a guy offer $10K USD on a two word .ca. Based on the domain name and that his IP was from India, I kinda suspected the offer was bogus. So I replied with $15K, just to see what he says. He replies back, oh, I just put in a random number. I can really only offer $3K. I replied back, "so you start a negotiation with a bogus offer? You're not willing to honor your first offer??".

BTW, this is truly a domain I don't care about, a $20 TBR pickup from just 2 months ago.

I'm trying to decide how to handle it. Normally, I would be fine with selling this particular domains for less than $10K, but I hate to reward the bogus offer tactic. But I also know I can't let personal feelings get in the way of business though...

At this point I'll see how he replies to my last message and go from there.

Anyone have thoughts on how they would handle it? Has anyone else seen this tactic before? I can't say that I remember getting one like this...
That is different and I haven’t had it before. I agree I would take the 3k if you don’t care about it. Save the battle/stress for one you do value.
Does he have a Canadian presence to be able to own a .ca?

Virtually all inquiries I’ve had from India and Africa are bogus. usually trying to sell web services.

That said, there are big tech companies in India and many Indians in Canada, so I wouldn’t discount too quickly.

does the domain have anything to do with India or Indian culture?
MapleDots said:
Personally I would let him have it for the 3k if you do not care about the domain. People from India traditionally do not have a lot of money and it's a quick 3k made if he bites.

I think as soon as you agree to the $3k he will add another issue, and then another issue, and then he'll want to use an unsecure payment method.
I would accept the $3K to see what he says. I think it’s a bogus offer as well. It’s also possible that he’s Canadian and just visiting India. I had a Canadian-Indian buy a real estate related domain from me earlier this year so there could be a slim chance it’s a real offer. Is the name real estate related?

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