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Nov 11, 2020
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Message left on contact form for one of my .ca domains:


Subject: Gouging Parasites

Message: I find your company appalling. Slumlords out for a buck, buying up any internet real estate you can get their hands on so you can gouge startups for fees they'll never be able to afford. You're terrible human beings and you should be ashamed of yourselves.
I've always wondered what kind of personality it would take to actually write something like that.
I guess I have to give all my domains away to startups and family members of the deceased if I want a spot in Heaven... *SORRY*
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Could have posted this under the Domain Hate topic lol.

Sounds like the same people as the reddit gang too as a few of them go on to call us "parasites" and "parasitic jackasses". I can't remember a single time I ever called someone a parasite.

Anyway, I think things/comments like this is a reason to engage with buyers whenever possible, always be polite, and get them on the phone if possible.

Having a good discussion and bringing the human element into play can only work in your favour usually.
If you think that's bad, try reviewing messages sent to people in the oil industry, climate change firms, charities, social services, you name it...

Lots of interesting folks out there with lots of free time on their hands it would seem. It's a big world.

I wonder if realtors in Canada get hate mail...
Groot said:
Lots of interesting folks out there with lots of free time on their hands it would seem.

That's the major problem with Social Media - the people with the free time, personality and mental proclivity to constantly post on Twitter et al, are malcontents, the unemployable, drug addicts, long-term disabled, the incarcerated, the mentally ill, etc.

And these are the ones governments and businesses are listing to? :D

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