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Jul 3, 2021
Toronto, ON
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We’re excited to announce we acquired the content and related assets of DNAcademy to integrate into the GoDaddy Domains product offering and that, founder, Michael Cyger, joined us as a full-time employee. Welcome Mike!

GoDaddy remains focused on its mission to empower entrepreneurs and make opportunity more inclusive for all. We believe DNAcademy’s mission - “help students from all disciplines achieve their domain name goals” – enhances our robust tool set to make opportunity more inclusive for all by sharing proven methodologies and resources to help our customers succeed at every stage of their domain name journey.

Acquiring DNAcademy helps us make further progress on our strategic objective to focus on a best-in-class premium domain buying experience with sage guidance utilizing data science and the world's premier brokerage team. With more than 84 million domains under management and exceptional growth in aftermarket last year, we intend for this acquisition to support continuing profitable revenue growth in our domains business.

The deal closed on March 21, 2022, and terms were not disclosed.
Here are the details about the membership people have with DNAcademy:

Yearly members: Current DNAcademy yearly members will continue to have access through the end of their membership term.

Lifetime members: Although the DNAcademy customer base was not acquired, GoDaddy values the relationships DNAcademy cultivated with domain name investors and will make best efforts to provide access to the new offering.

New memberships: DNAcademy is not accepting new memberships. If your friends and colleagues are interested, they can sign up to be notified when the GoDaddy education for investors is available.
I'm surprised but it's probably a good fit for them. Godaddy has a lot of money to throw around and has really been going all in on the domain aftermarket. hopefully a bullish sign for all of us in it.
I didn't expect this. Mike really did quite something learning about the industry in interviews, selling that interview site after some issues or passing it on to someone else and then creating and organizing DNAcademy and now this respect. I hope he sticks around.

It is unfortunate for the rest of the industry though that this content is now owned by a company that already dominates a large part of the market.

PS: I was today years old when I learned what stalwart means.

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