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Nov 28, 2020
Joe Styler (Afternic) confirmed it yesterday, but Elliot posted about it this morning

If you have a BIN set at Afternic and change your nameservers to and, you'll get get the new Afternic lander with the prominent GoDaddy logo and a BIN price and button

Hopefully this will lead to more sales because of the trust factor!
Thanks Frank. Nothing official yet, but let's hope the commission isn't the usual 20%

I can handle it being a little higher than Epik (7.5% I think) or Dan (9%) because of the GoDaddy brand/trust factor...but if it's the full 20% then that will be disappointing and will force people to raise their prices or skip the lander altogether
Yeah, the big question here is....

Is the trust factor worth the commission?

If I put up a self hosted park page with a buy now button would I see a greater click through rate with a godaddy lander?

Theoretically if someone wants the domain for an end use they would buy it from anyone that has it for sale.
For many domains, I point the domain at a self-hosted page with a buy now button, then list on Afternic with a 25% markup to account for their commissions.

Over half the time, people buy from Godaddy/Afternic, even though my self-hosted page says all purchases go through, etc.

(Of course people may be purchasing through the registration path, and not even checking the domain - it is difficult to tell how the sale originated).

Here is an article about the steep costs for using GoDaddy landers

Read more here:
So I tried testing out the new GD bin landers and it turns out the landers won't properly work / display if the domain is also listed directly on GoDaddy's Auction Marketplace.

It's weird because the exact same BIN lander format / layout will appear, but the "buy now" button is missing and the only option for buyers is to call GoDaddy... which pretty much makes it the same as the ns3 and nameservers.

The reason this happens is because domains listed on directly on GD's marketplace will override any other listings related/connected to GD. Perhaps GD will fix this but somehow I doubt it since GD auctions listings always seem to override any other listings connected to GD. For example, if you list a domain directly on GD marketplace and Afternic, the GD listing/price/setting will always override the Afternic listing (when the domain is searched for on GD at least).

Anyway, to make the BIN lander work you will need to delete your GD marketplace listing(s)... which kinda sucks... especially if the domain already has a bunch of offers showing. I think I will only try the landers for domains that have never received an offer at GD before, as I don't really want to delete domains that have a bunch of offers showing only to later decide I prefer the GD auction listing set up.
It also sucks for those of us who use GD listings mainly to get "feeler" bids with the $20 minimum offer setting (ie simply to gauge interest) , while using a non-GD lander like Sedo / Dan / etc (ie where we ideally hope to sell). That's the real shitty part about this, as we can no longer get the benefit of both. It's either one or the other if you want to use GD's new bin lander (for the time being anyway).

Although I 100% believe the GD logo will help convert, I probably won't be listing too many domains with the new bin lander until they can at least provide us with stats on traffic. Plus I don't like using BINs too often as you always risk leaving money on the table.

ps: The GD "feeler" strategy I'm referring to is what [notify]MapleDots[/notify] taught me/us, and it's a great strategy. I'm still grateful he shared that strategy with us a while back as it was a game changer for myself. I essentially get offers via GD marketplace everyday now, so I'm really torn about it changing my set-up.
Esdiel said:
I essentially get offers via GD marketplace everyday now, so I'm really torn about it changing my set-up.

Use the marketplaces as a tool but do not use them to sell because the 20% commission is better off in your pocket.

The way I look at it is my domains get constant exposure at godaddy because they are listed at twenty bucks. Once people bid 5 or 6 times and see they get no response they will simply type the URL in the address bar and contact me directly.

It is a beuty, your domains are listed with massive exposure and your sales go up from your home page. The occasional time when a really good offer comes in you can always take it and give godaddy the sale.

The important thing is your email filter, make a folder and direct all godaddy auction inquiries there so you can peruse them at your convenience.

Now here is the part I have not mentioned so far

You can log into your godaddy auction panel and click on the price and it will sort your domains from the most offers to the lowest. It will show how many bids per domain etc and that will allow you to determine the activity and all still for free without ever costing a penny.

I have an article I'm working on with something new and interesting I will be posting this weekend and it contains some eye opening material. I did a head to head experiment with 250 domains vs 250 domains and I found a strategy that made a dramatic difference in my sales.

Stay tuned for that one soon.... I will post it on my new blog and link it back to here.
I don't have any domains at GD auctions anymore, but when I did I remember the GD auction prove overrode anything at Afternic

And since the new BIN landers require an Afternic BIN to work properly, if you have your names at GD with a make offer then it wipes out the Afternic BIN which wipes out the new landers

In other words, the GoDaddy/Afternic ecosystem is a patchwork of solutions that don't play nice with eachother

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