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Nov 4, 2020
Toronto, ON

Google Ads Campaign​

Our ad campaign has not produced the expected revenue stream so we have decided to try Google Ads instead.

In most cases we will display the ads above or below content so they will not interfere with your browsing experience.

We are in the midst of tweaking them and you may find the odd out of place ad but we will correct that as soon as we can.

Screenshot (8).png

Whenever possible we are serving Canadian Ads showcasing some nice .ca properties so if you decide to click on one once in a while it will support our revenue stream.

Serving ads is part of keeping free for everyone so we will try to make this as unobtrusive as possible,

Thank you for your continued support.
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Screenshot (7).png

The above nag screen will come on (viewing topics only) when you are using an ad blocker.

Anyone who has donated to our operating expenses will not get this nag screen and is free to use an ad blocker.

I would like to give a special shout out to all the members who have donated especially @jaydub for his continuing support of

It will be interesting to see if the google ads actually bring in a revenue stream

PS. Sponsors will also bypass the nag screen and are free to use an adblocker on the site.
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I got past the nag screen pretty easily

I can assure you there are scripts which actually darken the content until you disable the adblocker, but we decided against such draconian measures.


The note was put there as a reminder that we are trying to get the ads to pay for some of the server costs. The Ad Blocker message is a simple script that can be bypassed by AdBlock power users. So technically we are not forcing anyone to watch ads, each member, or visitor, can make their own decision.
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Been meaning to contribute, sent the $25, please remove the adblock nag.
Google is crazy, they add massive ads when you select responsive ads so I picked the smallest size possible and you should see that starting today. Basically as unobtrusive as it gets.

Sorry about the past few days as I was trying to find the right size but it's still crazy on mobile view with the ads showing bigger than I am specifying. I have commissioned a custom script to take care of that on mobile and we are good to go.
I got past the nag screen pretty easily

Screenshot (88).png

I have added instructions to the nag screen so anyone not wanting to contribute can easily bypass the nag screen.

Additionally I have marked any donation amount will get the screen removed from your profile. So if you don't know how to do it in your ad blocker donate a buck and I will shut it off on your profile.

Current sponsors or anyone who has ever donated do not get the nag screen by default.
This is Milo

I've inserted the custom AdSense scripts, all banners are customized for mobile and desktop. There should be no larger ads loading from this point forward, report here if there are any issues.

Nov16, 2023 - 2pm
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Effective today we removed all Google ads

From Noember10 to March31 or total earnings were $127.76

Even with hundreds of thousands of page impressions the income was $25.55 per month.

Hardly worth the effort and definitely not worth forcing members to look at them for a few pennies.

Sponsors who contribute to keep free for everyone.

Sponsors who contribute to keep free.