Google Domains is nearing 9 millions domain names under management. (1 Viewing)

Google Domains is the registrar I use for all my businesses, I have MapleDots running on it as well as my personal businesses.

Believe it or not but also sits at google domains

Why is that?

The answer is simple... CONNECTIVITY

They give you two hundred email forwards, they integrate with gmail seamlessly and they give you two hundred subdomains.

Also a ton of emails like etc.

Configuring and managing large scale sub domains and emails is free with google domains.

Other than the domains I have in use for business my mapledots domains are scattered at a number of registrars with WHC fast becoming my favourite one and soon to be the recipient of a large scale move in which should conclude next week.

That said if you needs tons of email addresses, sub domains etc and do not want to attach a hosting account then google domains is the cheapest and most secure answer.

If you are attaching a hosting account make sure it has cPanel and you can do everything within that to set up email and sub domains as well.
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Just noticed google has surpassed 10 million domains

.Com winners: Google continues to rise​

Here’s how registrars did in terms of new .com registrations in January:

1.* (NYSE: GDDY) 779,935 (738,066 in November 2022)
2. Namecheap Inc. 287,015 (268,760)
3. Google Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOGL) 241,112 (193,371)
4. Tucows** (NASDAQ: TCX) 169,605 (151,092)
5. Newfold Digital+ 158,231 (148,037)
6. GMO 111,852 (74,606)
7. 94,345 (98,456)
8. CentralNic 80,023
9. Hostinger 76,994
10. Wix 75,481

Here’s the leaderboard of the top registrars in terms of total .com registrations under management as of the end of January. Google overtook TurnCommerce to become the fifth biggest registrar for .com domain names.

1. GoDaddy* 55,903,000 (55,934,815 in November 2022)
2. Newfold Digital+ 12,977,415 (13,174,668)
3. Tucows** 11,325,219 (11,411,682)
4. Namecheap 8,918,940 (8,815,220)
5. Google 6,374,991 (6,118,940)
6. TurnCommerce++ 6,180,371 (6,178,666)
7. IONOS# 5,495,138 (5,498,563)
8. Alibaba 4,548,403 (4,871,434)
9. CentralNic## 3,460,216 (3,347,978)
10. GNAME 3,052,943 (2,760,581)

Read more: .Com winners: Google continues to rise - Domain Name Wire | Domain Name News

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