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Dec 19, 2020
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So I searched for "Google" on (by mistake) and it said Google (.) io was for sale on

I couldn't believe someone other than Google owned it, so I checked whois and it shows Google does indeed own it.

Also, if you search for "google" on Dan you'll see a bunch more for sale in other extensions, and I didn't bother checking their whois. It's not just Dan who has these types of domains, you can also find a boatload on Afternic. Clearly the problem lies in the fact these two places don't require domains to be verified.

I would love to hear how the conversation will go when Google gives them a call.
There is no such word as google, it is made up and trademarked all over the world.

Google will win any case anywhere if someone tries to use it for any commercial purpose.

The .io is owned by google but hypothetically speaking if it was not the owner would surely loose the domain if google wanted it.
Scam sellers constantly list other people's domains on sales venues, hoping they have fast-transfer enabled and then mistakenly approve the domain transfer.

Elliot Silver detailed that happening to him once, and as he has sold a few domains that day, almost approved the email without looking at it.

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