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Nov 4, 2020
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Google Chrome will soon enforce HTTPS by default​

Google Chrome will soon enforce HTTPS by default

I turned on that setting on desktop and android and it immediately caused issues with forwarding at WHC and throws up this error.

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I have my domain at WHC set to forward from to

This throws up the error above when Google flicks the switch in my first picture which renders the forwarding feature almost useless.

Luckily there is the free dns manager at WHC so now I have to figure out how I can set this on hundreds of domains to bypass this error message on forwards.

According to the article google will throw that switch pretty soon and I want to make sure I and even WHC is prepared for it.

I know WHC uses cPanel in their underpinnings so a little research is warranted to see if WHC can throw a master switch of some sort instead of the clients having to try and manually edit all fowards.

Any feed back on this? @FM
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Any feed back on this? @FM
I've been thinking about this already, but for this to work correctly, we'd need an SSL certificate for the domains that are being forwarded, too. It's not directly in the works, but I'm gathering information as to what this would entail.
There are going to be sooo many HTTPS errors when google makes this a default action.

I read it's coming down the pipe possibly as the soon as the next major chrome release.

Crap, that means I have to add domains as addon domains with the full domain and URL in the bar. That will cause hundreds of certificates needing to be generated.

So even if someone like @theinvestor forwards domain1 to they will get a security error and it will not display

Same for me forwarding to it will kick out an error.

The only way around it at the moment is to set it as an addon domain and show in the address bar. It means the end of forwards as we know them today unless they come up with a solution.

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