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domains said:
Canadiens are the only Canadian team in the final four, do they get past Vegas? Series tied 1-1 right now.

I started being a fan of the Canadiens after the '72 Canada/Russia series got me interested in hockey. Such a great heritage to be part of, with stars like Guy Lafluer, Yvan Cournoyer, Steve Shutt, Larry Robinson, Serge Savard, Guy Lapointe, Yvon Lambert, Ken Dryden, Patrick Roy, Bob Gainey, Jacques Lemaire and many more. I lost my interest in hockey in the 90's.

I have to say though, I absolutely LOVE the story of the Golden Knights. They have accomplished amazing things in a short period of time. I will be happy with either team winning...but my patriotism makes me favour the Canadiens.
Vegas fans must think June hockey happens all the time...3rd time in 4 years they've made the final four

But I'm going for the Habs in this series. I've never really been a fan of the team, but I love their history. It would be a great for the league and the city/province/country if Montreal ends up winning it all

Plus their goalie is an incredible human being so there's no way you should bet against him
I've been a Canadians fan all my life so Habs all the way, but we got a little lucky last night aside from Price being a hero in net.

And Fleury essentially lost the game for the Knights last night, as I doubt we would have won had he not made that mistake in the final minutes. It sort of reminded me of that goalie in Colombia who scored on his own net in 1994, but at least Fleury doesn't have to worry about getting murdered for it.
Not a Habs fan but I want any Canadian team to win it all *THUMBSUP*
Go Habs *YAHOO*
Habs trying to claw their way back into this, they've done it before. A win today makes the series really interesting for that game 6 back in Montreal.
Theres also the storm hopefully it doesnt affect the game would love to see the habs win twice

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