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Dec 19, 2020
Thought I'd use this opportunity to wish everybody a happy new year, while also pointing out how this three-worder has been registered since 2002.

That's a super long hold. Think it will ever sell?

You'll see it's listed for 5K USD if you search for it on GD, but you'll see this below if you visit the domain:

Happy new year!

That is a long hold. I believe for $5K USD is a little steep for a name like that. I’m looking at end user value and I don’t see any.
Weird New Year 2021 Story:

My wife got everyone a pair of $3 scratch tickets each to welcome in the new year at 12:00 and get this, every ticket was a winner. One of the kids won like 5 times on Tetris, and it was a really fun time, but it all came down to me at the end - my main Crossword puzzle was a loser, but I scooped up a Fast $15 bucks-bucks-bucks right at the end to seal the deal.

I think the biggest single ticket prize was only $25 (I netted $24 on my two) but I have never had that type of winning streak happen before, and it just might point to a much better year ahead.
There must be something in the air... I received one of those $10 holiday gift packs for Christmas and finally decided to scratched it yesterday. One of them had $50.

Looks like first round is on me! :)

Cue everyone running out to buy scratch tickets.

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