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Nov 4, 2020
Waterloo, ON

One of the things I considered when naming as Domain Names Canada is that the .ca stands for Canada.

So when I registered as a protective measure I soon came to realize it actually stands for Domain Names Canada Canada. I'm not sure if that makes sense to anyone but even the domain name in the title (which is a working site) seems odd to me. It only makes sense in the .com similar to

So I have set to drop (for numerous reasons) because I honestly don't feel it has any real bearing on

Is it just me or does anyone else feel the same having Canada in a .ca domain name? is now the official Canada website and it makes sense for that use but for most any other use I'm not so sure.

Take or

without ever having visited you automatically know they are the same, there is no difference in how they are perceived.

I will add a footnote: If someone is doing business outside of Canada then a domain name like makes sense, but for a company doing business only in Canada it is too repetitive for my taste.

So the answer to the title in this case is NO it is not redundant for because the company is asking other countries to invest INTO Canada. In fact I think it is quite clever that they are using a .ca to solicit business in other countries. That said, it would be wildly redundant if they were only doing business in Canada.

WOW, talk about a flip flop back and forth :ROFLMAO:
The only thing I've noticed is that sometimes the first part may be taken, then orgs have to add the Canada bit to get a clean(ish) domain, ie: or, etc.

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